Durham Tech is responsible for at least 5,400 jobs and over $200 million in annual earnings in our region. Students are employed at well-known companies such as Quintiles, Parata Systems, AW North Carolina, Eisai, Duke and UNC Health Systems, and many others.

Many of our Paralegal Technology program graduates go on to earn state and national certifications. They work in law firms as well as local government agencies.

If you would like to help support Durham Tech, please consider donating to the DTCC Foundation. Please contact Gayle Sims for more information at 919-536-7251.

You can also help by providing internship opportunities for Durham Tech paralegal students, or be a guest speaker at our paralegal club meetings.

Graduates from the program have been instrumental in opening doors for students seeking their first position as a paralegal or in an area that requires the skill set of a paralegal. If you are in a position to help a graduate  land that first job, please contact us.

To find out more about our college, program, and students,  please contact Susan E. Sutton, JD at (919) 536-7230 ext. 8071.


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