Areas Tested on the NALA Exam

23 Jan
The LEX 287 CLA Review class doesn’t start until the second mini-mester, but you can get a jump on what’s on the NALA certification exam here, and by checking out the Certification page of the blog. NALA changed the way the exam was structured in September, 2013. The Substantive Law section no longer offers examinees the option to test on Administrative Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law & Procedure, Estates and Probate, Family Law and Real Estate.
Examinees will be tested on five areas, with the last area–Substantive Law–broken down into four separate areas.:
Legal Research
Judgment & Analytical Ability
Substantive Law:
  •     American Legal System
  •     Civil Litigation
  •     Contracts
  •     Business Organizations
What kinds of questions in those areas can you expect? Click here for the September 2013 Exam Specifications.
Here’s how the exam is weighted and scored based on NALA’s September 2013 exam:
Examination Section Total
Percent of Points
to Pass,
September 2013
Communications 75 79%
Ethics 75 81%
Judgment and Analytical Ability 150 77%
Legal Research 50 76%
Substantive Law 200 78%
How did they come up with the passing scores? That answer is a little more complicated, but you can read NALA’s rationale here. The short version is that the passing score for each section may change according to what questions are in the pool for any given exam. The May 2014 exam may (or may not) have a slightly different question pool.
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