Volunteer Opportunity at NCBA – Lawyers 4 Literacy

5 Nov

The North Carolina Bar Association is giving Durham Technical Community College paralegal students the opportunity to make a big difference in a child’s future. Volunteers will meet with a student or small group of elementary school students and help them read books that focus on civics, history or biography.

Want to go to a Lawyers 4 Literacy event? Visit the Southpoint Barnes & Noble Bookfair on Sunday, December 1st, at 1pm.

From the NCBA’s Lawyers 4 Literacy page:

Lawyers 4 Literacy (L4L)

L4L consists of Judges, attorneys, paralegals and law students who will spend 30 minutes a week for a minimum of 4 weeks with 1-4 students who have been selected by their teacher for additional help to improve their reading skills. Volunteers will share their time, love of reading and knowledge of Civics, US History, and biographies of American heroes.  Volunteers are required to listen to the children read interesting non-fiction books and pitch-in as needed.

L4L has not only helped these young students with reading skills, it has sparked their interest in non-fiction books in general.  Children do want to read about real things that happened and are curious about how they can become active and vital parts of their government and a part of the change that they want to see in the world around them.

On the first day the students will be given a passport booklet to record the books they read, with the volunteer and alone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Volunteers will meet with a student or group of students (1-4) to practice reading.
  • LRE provides these primary books on the topics connected to civics, history or biography.
  • During each 30 minute visit, the children read and the volunteer discusses the book or additional books with the students.
  • At the end of four sessions, the students receive a certificate and their choice of book as an incentive for their hard work and to help start to their own home library.

The LRE department of the NCBA supplies the books, passports, and certificates in a kit to the local volunteer coordinator who will supply them to the volunteer readers that are connected with a school involved in L4L.

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