Washington Post Series — Do No Harm: Who should bear the costs of retired NFL players’ medical bills?

28 Aug

Former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Reggie Williams is in the spotlight again, but now he’s headlining a case that combines disability and worker’s compensation claims, and a question about who takes care of injured retired NFL players.

From the WaPo article:

When players file for workers’ compensation for the on-the-job harm they suffered, they often find their claims opposed by their former teams. The league is currently in legal and legislative fights with at least 3,000 former players, who, like Williams, have attempted to seek reparation for their injuries by filing claims in worker-friendly states. When these claims and all other avenues for medical care are exhausted, the cost of their poor health can often fall on the taxpayer.

Williams has suffered through several knee replacements and infections that stem from his 14 year career with the Bengals. They are denying his claim, even though they are the only team he played for during his football career.

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