Tip for New (and returning) Students!

8 Aug

Print out your plan of study, which can be found on this page (select the “printable copy”). Instead of just planning one semester at a time, sketch out your entire degree schedule for all your courses as best you can by using Web Advisor to look up when courses were offered in previous semesters. There’s a good chance that you can predict when a course will be offered in coming semesters. For example, LEX 150 was offered in  Spring 2013, so you can pencil it in for your Spring 2014 semester and check with your advisor to see if class schedules have changed. Do the same for your required non-LEX electives as well, keeping in mind that many of these fill up early.

Plan far enough in advance that you don’t find yourself in a squeeze because you’ve waited to take classes that may conflict with each other or are not offered in the semester you want them.  Students often find themselves in a bind when they only plan one semester at a time. Contact your advisor if you need help.  They like it when you come in with a game plan!

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