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SCOTUS: DOMA Unconstitutional

26 Jun

From SCOTUSblog’s Amy Howe and the rest of the team covering today’s decisions:

Amy Howe:

Here’s a Plain English take on United States v. Windsor, the DOMA case: The federal Defense of Marriage Act defines “marriage,” for purposes of over a thousand federal laws and programs, as a union between a man and a woman only. Today the Court ruled, by a vote of five to four, in an opinion by Justice Kennedy, that the law is unconstitutional. The Court explained that the states have long had the responsibility of regulating and defining marriage, and some states have opted to allow same-sex couples to marry to give them the protection and dignity associated with marriage. By denying recognition to same-sex couples who are legally married, federal law discriminates against them to express disapproval of state-sanctioned same-sex marriage. This decision means that same-sex couples who are legally married must now be treated the same under federal law as married opposite-sex couples.


SCOTUS Update: Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona Voting Law

18 Jun

SCOTUSblog reports the Supreme Court held that an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship for would-be voters is preempted by federal law. In Arizona v. The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. the court held that:

“As applied to applicants who use a uniform federal form that merely requires them to aver, under penalty of perjury, that they are U.S. citizens, Arizona’s requirement that would-be voters provide actual proof of U.S. citizenship is pre-empted by the National Voter Registration Act’s mandate that states ‘accept and use’ the federal form.”

NPR’s Nina Totenberg explains the decision. Veteran journalist Lyle Denniston gives a plain English analysis here.

Game Show Costs Worker’s Comp Claim

4 Jun

From WRAL:

‘Price is Right’ run foils postal carrier’s worker’s comp claim

A former Fayetteville  postal carrier who was receiving worker’s compensation payments after injuring herself on the job pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court Monday.

Cathy Wrench Cashwell’s claim that she couldn’t lift mail trays into a truck due to a 2004 on-the-job shoulder injury was called into question in September 2009 when she appeared on “The Price is Right” and spun the “big wheel” twice.

According to an indictment filed in September 2012, Cashwell “raised her left arm above her head and gripped the handle with her left hand.” On a second spin,  she “raised both arms above her head and gripped the same handle with both hands.”

In August 2010, the indictment alleges, Cashwell and her husband went ziplining as part of a Carnival Cruise vacation. She was also seen lifting and carrying furniture and bags of groceries with both arms on two different occasions in 2011.

More on the story here.