NALA Exam Application – Online

19 Mar

NALA exam applications are due by April 1st. Whether you send in your application or apply online, you’ll need to include the applicable information regarding your education.

“If you complete the form on-line – you will still need to send information to NALA Headquarters to complete the application. This includes official transcripts showing the date of completion of your formal education, and original signed attestations from your attorney/employer or school official.” – NALA

Click here to visit the NALA exam application page which includes the online form. If you fill out the online form and indicate that you are paying online with a credit card, once you hit “submit” another window will open that will provide instructions for payment via a secured web site.

The downloadable PDF application is located here.

There are three categories of applicant:

Category 1: Completion of a paralegal education program

Category 2: A bachelor’s degree in any field plus one year’s experience or paralegal education

Category 3: Seven years’ experience as a paralegal

The most common category for DTCC students will most likely be Categories 1 and 2; they are the first two pages of the application form.

The NALA fees are $250 for members, $275 for non-members. Remember that the Durham Tech testing site fees are $30 and paid at Durham Tech by May 3rd. See Joe Donnan for details on when the business office in the White Building will be set up to receive this payment.$250 Members; $275 Non-members

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