Stay CALM!

18 Jan

“I’d advise someone entering the paralegal profession to remain CALM always. Here’s what I mean:

Conversant – be knowledgeable of the area of law that you will practice, such that you are able to hold a conversation about its salient points and explain it to anyone at a moment’s notice.

Analytical – Practice analyzing everything that you come across while you’re learning. Your analytical skills will carry you far in this profession, as the law is an ever-evolving animal. If you’re able to analyze well, the changes won’t be frightening.

Legality – Remember that everything that you do must be legal, ethical and aboveboard. Do not let a title, money, or the desire to “win” a case ever entice you to compromise your ethics or the law. And if you’re just learning the profession, your scholastic journey should never involve plagiarism or any other type of cheating. A good grade means nothing if you’ve earned it in an immoral fashion.

Management – Learn to manage your learning/caseload. No matter how conversant, analytical or legal you are, if you are unable to manage time, records, deadlines or people, this profession will be difficult for you.”

– Ann Pettigrew

You can read more from Ann at The Paralegal Society Blog

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