Don’t Wait Until You Graduate to Prepare for an Interview!

14 Nov

Joe Donnan, Program Coordinator for Paralegal Studies, leads a discussion about how to improve interviewing skills at the November 13, 2012 DTCC Paralegal Club meeting.

The November Paralegal Club meeting focused on getting your resume in shape and preparing for an interview. If you missed the meeting or need more help with your resume and other career preparation skills, there’s help right here on campus.  You can visit Durham Tech’s Career Services in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center in room 1209A, or call them at (919) 536-7200 ext. 1412 to set up an appointment.  Or, you can check with your advisor to find out what support services are available to Durham Tech students, and what specifically fits your needs.  Either way, take advantage of the opportunities to get your career hunting skills sharpened before you graduate.

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