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Who’s Older — The Stones or the “Supremes”?

27 Nov

The Rolling Stones kick off their 50th anniversary tour this year.  The Associated Press notes that the Supreme Court justices are, in comparison, spring chickens.




SCOTUS update – High Court Rejects Appeal on Anti-Eavesdropping Law

27 Nov

The High Court has rejected an appeal by an Illinois prosecutor to allow a law that prohibits citizens from recording police officers on the job. The 50 year old Illinois Eavesdropping Act made it a felony to produce an audio recording of that conversation without consent from all parties, and it carried a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. Watchdog groups argued that the law hindered accountability and was an assault on First Amendment rights, while proponents countered that the law protected the privacy rights of both officers and civilians. They argued that having recording devices aimed at police officers would have a chilling effect on the ability of citizens to report crime in their neighborhood, putting the public at risk.


Job Posting: Bachman & Swanson, PLLC – Durham, NC

15 Nov

Bachman & Swanson, PLLC has an opening for a paralegal in their Durham office. The firm’s practice areas are Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, DUI Law, Malpractice Law, Personal Injury Law, and Traffic law.

David A. Swanson
Bachman and Swanson
1402 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705

phone: (919) 286-0240
fax: (919) 286-0350


Don’t Wait Until You Graduate to Prepare for an Interview!

14 Nov

Joe Donnan, Program Coordinator for Paralegal Studies, leads a discussion about how to improve interviewing skills at the November 13, 2012 DTCC Paralegal Club meeting.

The November Paralegal Club meeting focused on getting your resume in shape and preparing for an interview. If you missed the meeting or need more help with your resume and other career preparation skills, there’s help right here on campus.  You can visit Durham Tech’s Career Services in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center in room 1209A, or call them at (919) 536-7200 ext. 1412 to set up an appointment.  Or, you can check with your advisor to find out what support services are available to Durham Tech students, and what specifically fits your needs.  Either way, take advantage of the opportunities to get your career hunting skills sharpened before you graduate.

Squatter or Adverse Possession?

14 Nov

The ABA Journal brings us a story of a Texas man who was pretty sure he’d found himself a nice home via adverse possession.  Not so fast, Mr. Cooper. Hit the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram link to see how this didn’t quite go as he expected.

U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear N.C. Voting Rights Act Challenge

14 Nov

Via Scotusblog:

 “The Supreme Court on Monday declined review of a second case testing the constitutionality of a key section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, but the denial will have no effect on the Court’s coming review of that issue.  Last Friday, the Court agreed to hear a case from Shelby County, Ala.  On Monday, it denied certiorari in a case presenting the same issue from Kinston, N.C. — very likely because the lower court had ruled that case to be moot.  Lawyers for the challengers had attempted to revive the case, but the Justices apparently found their argument unpersuasive.  That case was Nix v. Holder (12-81).”

SCOTUS update – Vance v. Ball State University

9 Nov

Upcoming oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court include Vance v. Ball State University, on the docket for November 26, 2012.

From SCOTUSblog:

“Issue: Whether the “supervisor” liability rule established by Faragher v. City of Boca Raton and Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth (i) applies to harassment by those whom the employer vests with authority to direct and oversee their victim’s daily work, or (ii) is limited to those harassers who have the power to “hire, fire, demote, promote, transfer, or discipline” their victim.”