Get Ready! Priority Enrollment is Coming!

10 Oct

Students who submit all required admissions forms, financial aid paperwork, and transcripts by the due date get priority enrollment status. Students who meet the due date can expect to be admitted to the college, have transcripts evaluated in time to attend the new student orientation, and have the option to charge tuition and books to financial aid (if eligible for an award) at the beginning of general registration for new students. For more information, consult the priority enrollment dates information on the college’s website. All documents for new students seeking priority enrollment status are due October 15

Priority registration is reserved for returning students who 1) have been admitted to a program as of Fall Semester 2012 or prior, 2) have an assigned academic advisor, and 3) have enrolled in courses during the past three semesters. Priority is determined by credit hours completed at the end of the previous semester.

  • Priority registration for eligible students with 35 or more credit hours: November 5
  • Priority registration for eligible students with 17 or more credit hours: November 6
  • Priority registration for eligible students with 4 or more credit hours: November 7
  • Priority registration for eligible students with fewer than 4 credit hours: November 8

General online registration is open for all advised students including those new to the college, newly admitted to a program, visiting students, or those who did not register during priority registration.

  • Open WebAdvisor registration for all advised students November 12 – January 6
  • Waitlist function (via WebAdvisor) available to advised students November 5 – December 20

Tuition and Fee payment: During general registration, full payment of tuition and fees is due the same week that you register. During late registration, full payment is due daily. If you do not pay on time, your courses will be de-registered and made available for other students on the waitlist.

For more information, check the DTCC  “Important Dates” page, as well as the the Advising and Registration pages.

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