U.S. Supreme Court Returns to the Bench on Monday, Oct. 1st.

29 Sep

The U.S. Supreme Court returns to the bench for its new term on Monday, October 1st.

Great previews–though the full docket for October through June isn’t in stone yet–can be found at WSJ  and The Atlantic. One case that may directly affect North Carolina is high court scrutiny of the portion of the Voting Rights Act that affects advance approval of changes that affect elections in states with a history of racial and ethnic discrimination. The Washington Post looks at a Texas case before the court that considers race as a factor in college admissions.  Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum gets a preview from business-oriented Forbes, since it brings up the Alien Tort Statute. The ATS dates back to 1789, but is dusted off and thrust in the spotlight again in a case with human rights implications.

Drug-sniffing dogs, and just how far you can be from a search location identified on a warrant and be detained, are also on the docket.

You can get more in-depth information at SCOTUSblog,  and for a good read and sometimes snarky commentary, there’s the always-feisty Above The Law blog.

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