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Fall 2012 Paralegal Club Officer Elections

28 Aug

Fall 2012 Paralegal Club Officer Elections

  • Any student in the Paralegal Program can voluntarily join the club
  • Any club member can be nominated for office
  • A club member may nominate themselves.

Nominations will open on Tuesday, August 28th and will remain open until the following Tuesday, Sept. 4th at 5pm.  Nominations can be submitted via email to, or in written form. An email naming the nominees and including a brief bio for each will be posted on the bulletin board in the White Building near Room 43 and posted on class Bb sites on Wednesday, September 5th.

An example bio: “Tom Student – I am in my second year in the program. I attend mostly day classes and work at Starbucks. I live in Durham and volunteer at the local SPCA.”

Voting will take place until 5pm September 11th. Ballots can be emailed to Mr. Donnan or brought to Joseph Donnan or Susan Sutton’s office. All ballots must include the club member’s name to avoid double voting. The 2012 club officers will be announced September 12th. A club officer meeting will be held by the end of September.

There are five positions. Their expected responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Report to the Paralegal Technology Program Coordinator
  • Liaison to alumni
  • Preside over club meetings
  • Attend on and off-campus student events
  • Promote program within and outside college community
  • Aid in fund-raising activities

Vice President

  •  Liaison to other student organizations
  • Manage fund-raising activities
  • Promote meetings
  • Attend student events


  • Record meeting minutes and distribute to club officers and Program Coordinator
  • Provide notice of meetings through available communications channels
  • Liaison with Paralegal Technology Program Coordinator to provide club content for program blog and Twitter account


  • Collect and safeguard club funds
  • Keep an accurate record of financial transactions
  • Present a year-end accounting of the club’s financial transactions
  • Aid in fund raising

Senate Liaison/Delegate

  • Attend all senate meetings
  • Represent club and report as required to senates
  • Present information from senate meetings to club officers